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The Globaltap Advantage brings to businesses and organizations a data network, server and storage system that makes sound business sense. We offer four types of hosting plans that go a long way in keeping your business' networking, ecommerce, and data storage costs down:

Virtual Private Servers- or as it is sometimes known as - Virtual Server; where an actual physical server is available for use to less than 20 network users. With this plan, full administrative privileges are offered, as is the client's option of installing their own software. This plan is an excellent choice for - architectural design firms, graphic designers, higher-volume, mid-sized web stores, and perfect for the larger enterprise eBay and Amazon seller.
Dedicated Server Plan- For organizations with 20 or more users, Globaltap provides the hardware, the initial operating system installation, and Internet connection. The customer is free to use the server as they see fit because he or she has unlimited administrative privileges. This plan is similar in its concept and advantages as leasing a car, but with the fast pace of computer hardware obsolescence makes more business sense than a car lease.
Co-location Server Plan- the client owns the server hardware, and installs their own software as they see fit. Globaltap provides rack space in our extremely secure data center, provides power - along with UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) - in addition to providing copious data transmission bandwidth
Shared Hosting/Virtual Hosting- perfect for light-to-medium demand and are sufficient for a static web site, a discussion board, a blog, for email only, or a small web store.

Globaltap understands the critical needs of your business when it comes to security and reliability when it involves data. Globaltap guarantees an enterprise's data will be safe and readily available even during a natural disaster as destructive as Hurricane Katrina, tornado or fire, and wherever you may have to relocate.

Globaltap is much more faceted in what it offers its clientele than just data storage, recovery and disaster-proofing. What we are proud to offer commercial and non-commercial enterprises is opportunity. Globaltap offers the best Internet server hosting services available anywhere, and when correctly configured, an excellent opportunity to save money on your networking server and data storage without jeopardizing quality and service.

Globaltap provides a secure server environment that's properly air-conditioned and humidity-regulated and a highly experienced technical staff that are located in the US and available 24/7 to support any technical issued that may arise. In offering all these services, Globaltap offers exceptional cost saving advantages.

If you have any questions, please call us toll free at 877-837-0753 or e-mail us and we'll address and answer all of your inquiries. We're all too happy to consult with you, help you plan, work out schedules for data migration, and, work within your budget. Going with the Globaltap Advantage is the smart business thing to do."

Thank you, and looking to be of service to you,

Dennis & Joe

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