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Spam and Virus protection

Spam and Viruses have become an enormous burden on both small and large businesses.  If you maintain your own website or server and if you are experiencing high levels of spam and viruses coming into your mailboxes, then you should consider Globaltap Anti-Spam and Virus Protection Service.

Starting at only $5.95 a month for any number of mailboxes in one domain, you can add any or all of your domain(s) to our Anti-Spam and Virus Protection Service and you can begin to relax and focus on business.  Our affordable solution will become the first line of defense and protect your mail server by carefully filtering your mail against spam and viruses before they even get to your mail server! We help protect against:

  • Spam
  • Virus 
  • Spoofing
  • Phishing 
  • Spyware Attachments

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How does it work?

When your domain is protected by Globaltap Anti-Spam and Virus Protection Service, your mail is first received by the state of the art spam and virus filtering appliance made by Barracuda Networks. The appliance screens the email and its attachments for spam and viruses. E-mails that can hardly be anything but spam are discarded. E-mails that contain viruses have the viruses removed and clearly labeled as such. E-mails that might be spam or might be legitimate are marked, but delivered.

Our servers are updated automatically at least every hour with all available spam and virus definitions to ensure you are getting the best protection possible.  Start using your time more effectively by letting Globaltap be your first defense against Spam and Viruses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

* Will this service completely protect me from all spam?
- This service filter out at least 95% of spam. Some spam does get through, especially when it does not look like spam. Spammers work hard every day to defeat the spam filtering, and because of the ongoing nature of this battle, no spam filtering can guarantee 100% success.
Also, keep in mind that the definition of spam e-mail is not black and white. A given e-mail message might be considered a spam by some people and completely legitimate e-mail by others.

* Is it possible to mistake a real legitimate e-mail for spam?
- It is theoretically possible that a legitimate e-mail can be lost because it is labeled as spam by the spam filter. However, we are not aware of such ocurrences with The Globaltap Anti-Spam and Virus Protection Service.

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