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Web developers: We give you the hosting service you (and your clients) deserve.

We know you've dealt with hosting services where a call to "tech support" got you a person who only knew as much about "tech" as they could read from the screen in front of them.

Globaltap doesn't have any "front line" tech support people. Every call and email is answered by an actual engineer who can actually help you solve your problem.

But respect begins before you make that call. All your data is stored on RAIDed hard drives. You will never hear, "the hard drive your site was on crashed," because each and every bit of of our clients' data is stored on multiple hard drives. And on machines with redundant power, in a heavily-secured data facility with multiple connections, too. We respect your need to give your clients websites that stay "up" 24/7. Without your clients, you wouldn't be our client, right?

But the reality is, sooner or later something will go wrong. It might be on our end, and it might be a problem with a CMS or database you've installed. Either way, we'll do all we can to help you instead of saying, "Gee.... umm... we're not responsible for that" -- even if we aren't.

Attitude counts

We know you're more demanding than most people. If you weren't, you'du host all your sites at one of the "bulk" hosters that talk about price, price, price, and claim "unlimited this" and "unlimited that" but either triple your bill or cut you off when you exceed limits you may not have even known they had.

Globaltap is run by people who know server hardware inside out -- because we've been building hardware for many years. We know networks inside out -- because we've been administering networks for many years. And we know what picky Web developers need -- because we've been dealing with people like you (and enjoying it) for many years.

Get the respect you deserve from a hosting service. Sign up with Globaltap!

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